A few benefits we offer

Competitive Rates Starting at 7.25%

Customized Funding Programs

Personal Service

Fast and Easy Process

How you can work with lendzoan

Whether you operate a private lending business, are a broker or both, LendZoan can work with you to get the deals funded and here's how:

Deal Sponsers

Scale your business with LendZoan, allowing us to fund your deals in 1st position while using OPM sources for 2nd position. Is your money tied up and you need to fund?  Let us fund for you while still serving your borrower. Or, we can act as a secondary market, refinancing your loans and creating higher velocity of capital and providing more liquidity for both you and your OPM.

Are you new to private lending? Then allow us to help you build your business. Refer your borrowers and trust us to be your capital source, eliminating your need to directly raise OPM. Leverage our experience while you learn.

OPM/Money Partners

Need to cash out your investor?  We can help your deal sponsor by refinancing their loan giving you real time liquidity.


Create additional volume by exploring different types of loans in the residential and commercial space. We provide reliability, performance, and can close quickly on a wide variety of loans.


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